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Luigi's Mansion 3

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Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion 3 is developed by Next Level Games, who previously developed Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and is published by Nintendo.[2] The game was originally planned as a Wii U title, with early prototypes introducing the Slam and Burst as new abilities; however, development started for the Nintendo Switch system in earnest following the completion of Next Level Games' Metroid Prime: Federation Force.[3] The change in setting from a mansion to a hotel was done so that players could have "three-dimensional exploration" with Kensuke Tanabe explaining that they "wanted players to be able to visualize how the hotel was set up".[4] Despite the new setting, the team deliberately made the choice for some of the settings to "make it as unexpected and even un-hotel-like as possible". The team noted that as long as they connected the settings through a traditional hotel setup they could get away with the diverse settings.[4] Some features that were previously present in or planned for the Nintendo 3DS remake of the original Luigi's Mansion were expanded on for the third installment, such as same screen local co-op play and the aforementioned new abilities.[5] Prior to the game's formal announcement, Luigi's new gadget, the Poltergust G-00, was shown for the first time in the August 2018 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct as part of the trailer announcing Castlevania content for the game. The Poltergust G-00 was also incorporated into Luigi's moveset, now being able to grab opponents from a distance with the Suction Shot and pull opponents in with it for his Final Smash.[6]

I've played the game, so far, on a Switch Lite, and by the way, I'm still having a blast. Luigi's Mansion games involve a lot of careful hunting around in mysterious mansions where ghosts and treasure are hidden. It's a scavenger hunt and escape room and, just like Ghostbusters, you're sucking ghosts into your backpack (OK, close enough, you know what I mean). The characters, environments and graphics quality are all stellar.

I'm so hyped for this! when I was a kid, my parents bought the original Luigi's mansion for my GameCube and I loved it. I bought, 'Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon' when released, and took a break from it a year or two ago. I've recently gotten back into LM and I was presented with this. the trailer looks AMAZING and I think it will be an awesome game!

The Last Resort is made up of 15 floors and every level has a different theme. The trouble is the elevator's buttons are missing, and in order to access all the floors and progress, you have to get them by defeating a boss ghostie on each floor you unlock. It's essentially the same kind of deal as previous games in the series. You have to set about solving puzzles to overcome obstacles and progress through blocked paths. While it does veer into familiar territory, switching up the setting from a mansion to a hotel makes the third entry in the series feels much bigger in scale, especially as it's packed with so much variety.

There's a moment around the mid-way point of Luigi's Mansion 3 where you open a door into a room that's not really a room and you think - wow. This absolutely sells the themed hotel setting of the game, but also sort of negates it completely. The room is, knowingly, I suspect, an actual sandbox: a vast puzzle-filled desert which stretches across the game's Ancient Egypt-themed floor - and it is brilliant. But why do mansions or hotels at all when you can do this

Ever since our first glimpse at Luigi's Mansion 3 - the medieval castle level revealed at E3 - it's been clear this was going to push the series further from its traditional mansion format than ever before. I remember thinking, well, okay - we've had two quite traditional haunted house games already. It felt like the right time for Nintendo and developer Next Level Games to try something a little different - even if its themed hotel take on a medieval castle felt less like a themed hotel v


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