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Sight Reading Mastery For Bass Guitar Exercises

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In a modern world where we have instant access to guitar tablature, YouTube videos, slowdown software, lesson apps and midi, what is the value in learning to fluently read music on bass guitar

The problem with many other sight reading texts is that the student quickly memorises the study pieces that are included, however, Sight Reading Mastery for Bass Guitar cleverly avoids this problem.

As I read through the book, it reminded me of the kind of sight reading I did when I started learning guitar as a classical guitar student. The cool thing about the exercises is that he builds on the logic of the open position, string by string and gradually increasing the difficulty as he adds more notes and more rhythmic subdivisions.

The book in uncompromising. It does what it sets out to do. This is not a book that you pick up for fun, but a book that you will study on your music stand daily to challenge your sight reading, musicality and technique.

Some of the exercises can be boring at the beginning, but patience rewards those who embark on this journey. I really liked the challenge of reading passages when he introduces rests and more syncopated phrases. As we go into the later part of the book, the etudes get really challenging especially when you get to the higher register and larger interval lines.

Music Crab (iOS version here) takes gamification to improve sight-reading skills to whole a new level. With fun underwater graphics and notes in the guise of various sea creatures, it could make a nice break from the more studious apps while still providing some worthwhile exercises. As with most games, the better you do, the higher level you can access for more difficult exercises and challenges. If you need to get a young musician to practice sight reading, this is the app that can do it.

Abstract--This study was intended to examine whether differencesexist in the motions employed by pianists when they are sight-reading versusperforming repertoire and to determine whether these differences can bequantified using high-speed motion capture technology. A secondary questionof interest was whether or not an improvement in the efficiency of motioncould be observed between two sight-reading trials of the same musicalexcerpt. This case study employed one subject and a six-camera digitalinfrared camera system to capture the motion of the pianist playing twotrials of a repertoire piece and two trials of a sight-reading excerpt.Angular displacements and velocities were calculated for bilateral shoulder,elbow, wrist, and index finger joints. The findings demonstrate theusefulness of high-speed motion capture technology for analyzing motions ofpianists during performance, showing that the subject's motions wereless efficient in sight-reading tasks than is repertoire tasks.

Pianists are frequently confronted with situations thatnecessitate adequate sight-reading skills. This widespread need forsight-reading at the piano may be due in part to pianists' participationin collaborative music-making, as professional pianists often sight-read inthe course of collaborating with other musicians or accompanying choralensembles. The size of the piano literature also contributes to the need, asthe repertoire is so voluminous that no one player can be familiar with allsolo and collaborative pieces written for piano. Recordings of pianoliterature tend to be restricted to the most well-known and familiar pieces,and recordings of pedagogical piano literature, in particular, are sparse.

The nature of sight-reading varies widely. The pianist might havea few minutes to examine a score or might have to read the music with littleor no preparation. In any case, the sight-reading task may be viewed indirect contrast to a repertoire task, in which the pianist has engaged inweeks and often months of cognitive and physical training, thus gaining ahigh level of familiarity with the music being performed.

Sight-reading entails a number of demands that can bedistinguishe


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